Top 10 Highlights of Google I/O 2024

Top 10 Highlights of Google I/O 2024

A lot has happened at Google I/O 2024 which is the annual developer meet where new products, features and announcements were unveiled let's see some of the announcements that happens on Google I/O 2024

  1. Gemini 1.5 Flash a lighter-weight model that’s designed to be fast and efficient to serve at scale. 1.5 Flash is the fastest Gemini model served in the API.

  2. Gemini 1.5 pro is also available in 2 million token context window to developers via waitlist in Google AI Studio.

    Context lengths of leading foundation models compared with Gemini 1.5’s 2 million token capability.

  3. Project Astra - Vision of Future AI Assistants were unveiled. This would be the Godsend gift to the Blind and Low vision users.


    And before the Google I/O 2024 OpenAI has unveiled their "O" that is GPT-4o


  4. Google announced their Generative video generation model "Veo" which generates highquality 1080p videos which can go beyond 1 minute. (You might need to Join their waitlist for it)

  5. Google announced their new experimental tool named "VideoFX" that uses Google DeepMind’s generative video model, Veo, and lets you turn an idea into a video clip. (You might need to Join their waitlist for it- Not accessible to everyone)

  6. ImageFX will also use Imagen 3 to unlock more photorealism with richer details and fewer visual artifacts and more accurate text rendering.

  7. MusicFX has a new feature called “DJ Mode” that helps you mix beats by combining genres and instruments, using the power of generative AI to bring music stories to life. (Both MusicFX and ImageFX will be available next week over 100 countries through labs)

  8. Gemini 1.5 Pro is now available in the side panel in Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides and Sheets via Workspace Labs.

  9. Circle to Search will be able to solve even more complex problems involving symbolic formulas, diagrams, graphs and more.Students can now use Circle to Search for homework help directly from select Android phones and tablets. This feature is powered by LearnLM

  10. A new experimental tool called Illuminateto make knowledge more accessible and digestible.lluminate can generate a conversation consisting of two AI-generated voices, providing an overview of the key insights from research papers.