ML Study Jam’19 — Highlights

ML Study Jam’19 — Highlights

Does the machine start to learn? why do humans stop learning? Do humans outsource learning? This would be the question asked by a common man who doesn’t know what is Machine Learning.

So do humans want to know what is machine learning Yes here you go

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is an application of artificial intelligence(AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

curious to know what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) yes here you go

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

So what are you coming to say i couldn’t understand anything this was the message i received from my brain so what is exactly Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I feel someone should clearly explain to me what is machine learning? why we need it? where it can be used? How to do it?

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After a few months got an mail from GDG Coimbatore about the ML Study Jam-19. Before the message reaches my brain, I have completed my confirmation for the event. (Crazy to know what is it)

It was a 2-day event

  • Day 1 — Beginner Track

  • Day 2 — Intermediate Track

  • Location: Founder Passion — Startup accelerator @ Coimbatore

  • Speakers: Maithreyan Kesavan, Sanjay

Day 1 — Beginner Track

Source: GDG Coimbatore

The Track started with an introduction from Ramki member of GDG by explaining what GDG is about and how it helps students and professionals(Unofficial standup meeting:)

Intro about GDG by Ramki

Once the introduction was over we have moved to the hall. Seems this is the first time I am seeing the hall occupied fully.

Source: Unknown from ML Study Jam

Everyone has settled in their spaces and a guy started to ask some random questions for about 20 mins i was thinking who is this guy and what is he doing here. Then i realized two things

  1. That’s the ML Facilitator— Maithreyan Kesavan

  2. There is no projector to show the slides

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Maithreyan slowly takes the crowd by asking them why ML is needed and how it is used and why it has been used.

ML Facilitator — Maithreyan Source: Unknown from ML Study Jam

Then he started with ML basics, types of machine learning, Overfitting and bias

Don’t sleep, guys

He starts to show how quick draw works (wait how it could be shown there is no projector right…)

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Then a quiz for the types of machine learning and some demos like teachable machine models and a quick intro about the neural network (Thinking why quick intro because tea and snacks have arrived)

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Once the tea break was over Sanjay starts to take the session about Neural networks like how to build a neural network using logistic regression, activation functions

He has explained the Tensorflow playground and showed a hands-on demo about logistic regression. he explained each and every bit

Source: Unknown from ML Study Jam

Though it was a bit difficult for me to understand because it was full of maths and equations but the demo was good :)

Source: Unknown from ML Study Jam

That was the wrap for Day1 with an assignment to watch Convolution Neural Network (CNN) and Titanic Dataset in Kaggle

Completion of Day 1

Day 2 — Intermediate Track

Source: GDG Coimbatore

Day 2 starts with a quick recap and an online quiz in

ML Quiz winners

Maithreyan starts CNN model by explaining the concepts crisp and clear and then showed a demo of the CNN model in Tensorflow along with Sanjay

It was a very long session both the facilitators have explained it slowly and clearly which makes Siddharth(GDG member) order some snacks and chai’s

Tea break Source: Giphy

After tea break, Sanjay continued CNN session with hands-on lab

Once the CNN session was over Maithreyan explained the advanced concepts like

  • RNN

  • GAN

  • Demos of DeepFake

Once the advanced concepts were over it was the knowledge sharing session and how to move further in machine learning as a beginner (Links available down) and no one knows that we have crossed the time limit until the persons came to collect the stage properties.

As we come to the end of the 2 days ML Bootcamp everyone smiled at last for the photoshoot

Some didn’t wait because of hunger includes me :)

Take away from the session

  • It was a new experience for me to attend a Bootcamp

  • ML can’t be done within 2 days it needs continuous learning with a passion to solve some real-world problem

  • Happy to see everyone shares what they learned

  • Expecting i will learn Machine Learning in 2020 with some good POC’s

Thanks Giving Time

On behalf of all attendees, I would like to thank

  • Founder passion for providing the space for 2 days

  • Facilitators of Bootcamp Maithreyan Kesavan & Sanjay both of you have done a great job

  • GDG Team for organizing the event, as usual, you guys rocked expect Spike buster for charging

By the way, my brain asks me the question Are you clear with What is Machine Learning?

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Learning Resources


  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng


  3. MIT Courseware — Linear Algebra

  4. MIT Courseware — Data structures

  5. MIT Courseware — Introduction to Algorithms

  6. Deep Learning

  7. ML Problem framing

  8. ML Crash course


  1. Convolution Neural Networks

  2. Deep Learning

  3. Reinforcement Learning

  4. Intro to Deep Learning

  5. Convolution Neural Networks End-To-End Learning

  1. DeepMind Podcast

  2. 3 blue 1 brown

  3. Sentdex

  4. Two Minute Paper

  5. Errichto

  6. Henry AI Labs