Mastodon — Decentralized Social Network

Mastodon — Decentralized Social Network

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When you don’t want to pay $8 to see what the corporates want to feed you up in the feeds here is an alternative to it

Mastodon — Social networking that’s not for sale

After looking at a lot of controversies with Twitter over the past 2 weeks you might be thinking when its services are going to be shut down because Twitter is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Though the idea of paying $8 per month by the 238 million daily active users would be around $1.9 billion per month which would be a ray of hope for Twitter but the unexpected decisions make the expected history.

The world will witness whether the Blue bird goes high or fall down 🐦

So let’s look at the alternative for the bluebird which is a mammal named Mastodon

Comparing Mastodon with Twitter service Mastodon is a Decentralized social network

Centralized social network

Decentralized social network

Mastodon runs on a self-hosted service which means no ads. Unlike Twitter whose server belongs to Twitter company, Mastodon’s server doesn’t belong to any company. Its network is composed of servers from different organizations.

When users signups into Mastodon they have to choose a server to start with. Since the servers sync up with each other, users can still receive updates from other servers.

Mastodon servers

Mastodon’s Monthly Active Users (MAU) has been passed by 2 million users in Nov 2022. Since the network is run by volunteers, the company has only one employee and it’s the founder Eugen Rochko, and it is crowdfunded and supported by around 3500 people.

Network Health

It’s your call whether you have to choose the Decentralized social network Mastodon or want to pay $8 for the bluebird with the bluetick. At the end of the day security and privacy matter :)

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