Connecting to the Future

Connecting to the Future

As a species, we have an inbuilt need to connect with others to communicate and share.

Everything the Internet. Yes, today’s world has become the internet mania without internet we cannot do anything.

But does today’s generation know about the internet like where it comes from? How does it work? and what would be the future? No

Then you are here to know about it. Let’s start

Internet Exchange Point

Does anyone have the idea of what it is? If the answer is No then here you go it is the internet exchange point. The internet is not invisible somewhere in the cloud. It is physical means the internet is Physical.

What’s happening in the internet exchange point is countless switchers and routers receiving data from one network and passing it to another network via real physical cable. So it is a network of networks all interconnected which is called the internet.

All the data are passed globally through the internet exchange point.

How it has been started

In 1969 Leonard Kleinrock headed up a team of computer scientist later hailed as the Father of the Internet to create the internet.

Leonard Kleinrock

The messages was sent from one computer to another and the messages was also conveyed through telephone to check whether the data has been received or not. The message sent during the communication was LOG


By the end of 1969 the data send across has been increased and moved to different regions.


When the increase has started internet connection has moved through the vehicle

During those days room-sized computers were used to transfer messages.

The internet speed was 56 kb/ s. It was very hard to upload an image and people started to give feedback as the speed is low that is because of the following reason.


The data are sent in a queue based manner in which if we send a large data it would take time to reach the other that a new approach named Tunnel has been used

While sending big data on the internet it takes a long time so the experts had a solution to cut those packets into smaller packets of unique size (while sending) and receiving those packets in the other end and combining them using algorithms.

Years passed on the speed gets increased and people started to send messages, email and watch videos online and started to upload videos.


In 2014, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge where the people on the internet started to accept the challenge globally to donate for ALS to eradicate the neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. It raised more than 150 million dollars of funds in 6 weeks.

The era of Social Media

Every month almost 2 billion people log on facebook. Zuckerberg launched facemash for Harvard students only and then it spread to other colleges.

On Feb4, 2004 the site The Facebook launched nationally 4 years later the company valued to be 4 billion dollars.

The online platform has shifted out communication from email to broadcasting the contents of our lives

In every second nearly 6000 tweets, 41,000 status updates in Facebook took place and 100 billion searches in Google per month.

Online Gaming

It is an100 billion dollars worldwide industry. 4 out of 5 houses in the US have the gaming consoles translation. 155 million Americans playing the games regularly. For some, it is a full-time job where others paid for it.

Online Gaming


Today people don’t want to share their id and they want to be anonymous some of the apps like whisper, Yik yak begin to saturate the marketplace

Social Media connects the people more than before which raises the criminals and bullies in this anonymity world


Early internet thinkers, such as John Perry Barlow, hoped that cyberspace would take power away from nation-states, those “weary giants of flesh and steel”. But the internet has long since ceased to be a playground for geeks. As it becomes increasingly important to the running of the modern world, governments are trying to regain lost territory online. They can do this because “cloud computing”, the delivery of all kinds of digital services online, for instance, doesn’t happen somewhere in the sky, but in big data centers which have to be based on somebody’s sovereign territory. As a result, governments, especially those of big countries, can often force companies to comply with national laws and regulations.

The network doesn’t know what it is carrying it is the humans where we do all the mischiefs and blame the internet

The Future

Virtual Reality comes into the play now because of internet usage, bandwidth, and laziness

Microsoft is developing a system that would make the online interaction to be a lot more personal it is called holoportation with holoportation people would transmit live holograms on the internet.

In the future we would interact with the people who have died it can be done by compiling their internet history like email, photos, facebook post online activities.

Most of the people who have died have no record on the internet rather than their birth and death day

In the future, we will have a library of souls

The future will lead us deeper in the world of virtual reality capitalizing and giving the users all the senses to the sensation of human touch.

Still, only 40% has access to the internet still in digital darkness money, language, infrastructure

By giving wifi to the remote parts of the world it is possible to make 100 % access to the internet.